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World Veterinary Day is an annual event that was created and established to promote and highlight the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the world. The day was proclaimed in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association, and it is celebrated on the last Saturday of April every year.

In 2021, World Veterinary Day will be celebrated on April 24th, usually, there is a specific theme every year. Last year, in 2019 the theme was announced as ‘Value of Vaccination’.

Though hard to accurately calculate, it is estimated that there are currently 1.8 Million vets worldwide.


What does a Vet Do?

A vet’s main job is to take care of animals who are sick or injured. Vets take care of all sorts of animals. They examine animals to find out what is wrong and give x-rays and treatment to help them get better.

Some vets look after pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits. Others prefer to look after reptiles such as lizards and snakes. Equine vets take care and zoos have specialist vets to take care of the unusual, and sometimes dangerous animals that live there.

Where do Vets Work?

Vets work in lots of different environments, which depend on the type of animals they are looking after.

The vets that look after pets normally work in vet surgeries where they have the right equipment and medicines to take care of the animals.

Why are Vets Important?

World Veterinary Day highlights some of the vital work vets do all around the world. 

Many of us are familiar with the vets who work in our local veterinary surgeries. These vets are crucial, as they help to keep our pets healthy, and can take care of them when they’re not well. 

Our local vets also do important work to keep our communities safe. This includes neutering stray and rescued animals, which helps to keep the animals healthy and make sure there aren’t too many animals without homes on our streets.

Some vets also help keep us safe by vaccinating animals that carry dangerous diseases which can be passed onto humans.